sábado, 12 de abril de 2008

Não existe milagre para aprender Inglês

De acordo com o post do Alessandro no http://www.englishexperts.com.br/ leia abaixo sobre quantas horas devemos estudar para saber inglês :

"According to professor Michael Jacobs, anyone can learn English in 1.200 hours of instruction. This doesn’t depend on intelligence or special talents, just a good measure of wanting to.
The calculation is simple. If you study 3 hours weekly, normally 2 sessions of one and a half hours each, which is usual in language schools, see.
1.200 / 3 = 400
That is 400 weeks of study, which is, when all is said and done, approximately 8 years. I don’t want to wait this long to be fluent in English, do you?
The only alternative then, is to increase the hours of study per week: listening to music, the radio, films, reading books, talking. You have to pay attention to everything; otherwise It will not be effective and your brain will not assimilate the new knowledge. There is a proverb that says: no pain no gain.
Let’s do a new calculation. Let’s say that you study 2 hours per day, then we would have:
1200 / 2 = 600
In this case, 600 days, less than 2 years. See? There are no miracles, don’t believe in speed courses that promise fluency in 3 months. This is charlatanism. Remember no pain, no gain."